Apply for Sassa Child Support Grant Application

The SASSA grants contribute to the improvement of living standards in society. Sassa’s child support grant application also aims to improve the quality of life by helping parents provide their children with basic needs by providing them with income. Following these steps will guide you through the application process for Sassa grants.

Sassa Grant application process:

The Sassa Child Support Grant is explained in this comprehensive guide.

Eligibility Criteria for the Child support Grant

Eligibility Criteria (as an applicant):

  • There must be a parent, grandparent, or guardian who is the child’s primary caretaker, or the child must be at least sixteen years old and heading a separate family.
  • Citizens of South African society and permanent residents of the country are required
  • A caretaker is not allowed to receive more than six grants (biological and legally adopted children are not included).
  • You should earn less than R52 800 per year as a parent or guardian of the child if you are single; if you are married, your combined earning should not exceed R105 600 per year.

Eligibility Criteria for the Child:

Grants are available to children who meet the following requirements:

  •  The child should be 17 years old or less.
  • The child should live with his guardian or caretaker and not receive any state support or care.
  • To gain income, both the guardian and child must live in South Africa.

Note: If you are just caring for the child, you must have permission from the parent or guardian to do so.

How to apply and what documents are needed to apply for the Sassa child grant

The African Social Security Agency (Sassa) office has Sassa application forms 2022 for child grant applications. Applicants only need to complete the form in the presence of a SASSA officer at their nearest SASSA Office or counter service point.

The only person who can fill out the application form is the applicant or a Sassa officer. You will receive a receipt after filling out the form. Your receipt is the only proof you have of your application for the grant you applied for, so keep it safe. If you want SASSA SRD Status Check

Required documents to apply for the Sassa child grant

For applying for a child support grant, you will also need some documents, such as:

  • Your Identity document (13 digit-bar-coded)
  • A copy of your spouse’s ID (if you are married or have a spouse)
  • Birth certificate of child
  • Any other grant or maintenance for the child (if any)
  • Income and asset proof (Bank statements, salary documents, pension  documents)
  • If you have no job or income, the unemployment insurance fund is for you
  • Marriage certificate (if any)
  • When you have custody of the child (divorce or separation)
  • Parents’ death certificate ( if any)
  • Parents missing certificate or proof (in case a parent is missing)

Application requirements without ID or birth certificate for Sassa grants:

How can you apply for the Sassa child grant if you don’t have the child’s birth certificate or identity document? Please prepare an affidavit according to Sassa standards. SASSA officers will assist you with forms. This affidavit is completed by someone other than the Sassa officer who is Commissioner of Oaths. Get a sworn statement from someone reputable. The reputable person must know the child and the applicant, whether a councilor, traditional leader, social worker, or minister of religion. Your application will not be rejected if you apply to Home Affairs for ID. A temporary ID will be issued by the department if you are eligible. A school report and health card are also required. Also, you can check the status of your Sassa grant application online.

How will you be paid?

There are several ways to collect the grant from Sassa. If you can’t collect your money yourself. Alternatively, you can give someone power of attorney to collect the money on your behalf. Their child grant can be paid through

  • Cash payment (You can collect the cash at any particular payment point)
  • Bank deposit( you can get by an electronic deposit in your bank or post bank account)
  • Grant Administration institute

Amount of Sassa Child Grant:

There is a change in grant amount every year, but this year’s is R480 per child per month.

Grant Review and Suspension Reasons:

Sassa will review the grant and make sure the grant is received by the right people. Three months before your grant application is to be reviewed, Sassa will inform you. The SASSA will review your grant regularly to ensure you or your child are in good health.

The Sassa needs to be cooperated with when reviewing a grant otherwise the grant may be suspended. Grants are also suspended in cases of fraud, fraudulent activities, or fraudulent information.

 The same applies if you fail to cooperate when the child’s grant is reviewed and if your child is no longer in your care. Grants are also affected if medical or financial circumstances change, or if you make a mistake when applying.

 Reason for Grant Lapsing

The child support grant will be stopped because of the following reasons:

  • If child died
  • if the child turns 18 years of his age, then grant stop in the last month before he turns 18.
  • If the child is not present in the country
  • If a child cares from any state institute
  • If the caretaker does not take their grant for 3 consecutive month

 What if the grant is not approved?

If the grant is rejected, Sassa reserves the right to reconsider your grant eligibility application. After rejection, you can appeal to the Minister of Social Development. If you are rejected, you can appeal at the Department of Social Development’s National Office within 90 days.

What if you want to cancel your grant?

The following documents must be submitted to the nearest Sassa office if the parents want to cancel their child’s grant.

  • Appointment letter
  • bank statement(last three months)
  • Childbirth certificate
  • ID document of parents


There are many people in the country who care for their children. Therefore, the Sassa child support grant is the best initiative from the South African government. You can get the grant as soon as you apply if you both qualify and meet the grant-specific requirements. You must be a South African citizen, resident, or refugee. The child must be born after 31 December 1993 to qualify.

If you have any queries contact SASSA:
Toll-free: 0800 60 10 11
Email: [email protected]

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