Sassa Grants R350 Approved But no Payment Dates 2023

The following link provides Sassa grant applicants with an easy way to track the application process. Sometimes, the Sassa application system may have issues checking application statuses, Sassa explained: “Remember, at one time, millions of applications were processed by the Sassa application system.” You must wait a bit to see your current status” We will review the issue faced by most people: “Sassa r350 grant payment date approved, but no payment date”

How do you check if your Application is approved or not?

The SRD website has a Sassa Status check that you can access 

and follow the steps listed below.

  • Go to our main page sassa status check for r350 payment dates
  • Fill in the information that is required
  • Click submit button
  • Whether your application has been approved or not will be notified to you.

What does approved mean on the Sassa grant?

Your grant application will be approved if it is accepted by Sassa and you will be paid on a monthly basis. The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) stated: ‘If your R350 grant application has been approved, then you must choose a grant payment method from the following options’.

The following R350 grant payment options are available once the grant application has been approved:

  • Checkers
  • Usave
  • Shoprite 
  • Pick ‘n Pay
  • Boxer

Sassa Grant approved but no payday

The Sassa recommends that beneficiaries check their grant every day.

Your Sassa grant has been approved, but has not been paid by Sassa yet or no payment date has been announced, then you must verify your banking details, either they are incorrect or they are correct. In addition, you must ensure that your details match those that you provided to Sassa. As part of the announcement, Sassa noted: 

“If your Sassa grant has been approved, but no pay date has been announced, it means that your pay has not yet been processed, but will be soon processed ”.

SASSA sources indicate that they are trying to solve this problem within their means since they are completely aware of it. There is no fixed date for the Sassa COVID-19 R350 grant payment, so Sassa beneficiaries must stay calm and wait. Keeping an eye on Sassa’s profile is all you need to do to stay updated on Sassa’s announcements.

They provide their beneficiaries with relief by helping them. According to SASSA’s study, about 90% of the beneficiaries used their grant payment to purchase food and electricity was the second most commonly used Sassa grant.

A total of 14 million people applied for the SRD grant, but only 9 million were determined to qualify. Sassa’s report from last year states.

IFf Problem still not solve:

 If you have not received your pay after a long wait. You can reach Sassa by phone. You can find the Sassa office address and phone number here: SASSA Offices and Contact Details.

Factors leading to the problem 

Your Sassa grant is approved, but you don’t receive a SMS or pay time from a Sassa official, these are some reasons why:

Sassa has problems with its partnered bank. Sassa beneficiaries who use an e-wallet or who recently converted from the post office method to an e-wallet face this problem most frequently.

If you change your payment method, you may also encounter this issue. 

It is also possible for payment to be delayed due to incorrect information. It is therefore imperative that you always provide the correct account name and number on identification documents.

As Sassa has thousands of customers every day, their helpline is always overcrowded.

Sassa assured the recipients that they must cooperate with them in solving their problems, and all applicants whose applications are approved will be paid regardless of their paid dates.

How to get SASSA Payment if you are approved but not payment date? – Video Guide


The Sassa can understand that it’s really hard and frustrating for the applicant to wait, especially when the applicant is unemployed. They do their best to process payment for beneficiaries, but you must also avoid mistakes when applying or avoid adopting those factors that lead to this problem, as some factors have already been mentioned. Please call Sassa’s helpline toll-free number on “0800 601 011” if you need any assistance regarding the grant.

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