Unclaimed Provident Funds for Deceased – Complete Guide

As a government employee, you receive provident funds and a pension. If you serve as a government employee in any country, you will receive these funds as a retirement savings, so you won’t face any financial difficulties after retiring.

These funds are often not paid to beneficiaries in the set time period, which is why they are called unclaimed provident funds.

So, if you’re looking for information about how to claim unclaimed provident funds for the deceased, you’ve come to the right place. Our article will answer all questions about unclaimed provident funds for the deceased.

What Makes Provident Funds Unclaimed?

Let’s begin by looking at what causes provident funds to go unclaimed. After an employee retires, retirement funds or pensions are usually paid within two years. No matter what, unclaimed provident funds don’t get paid for two years.

If the employee dies, the provident funds automatically go to the beneficiary. There’s an eligibility criterion for beneficiaries too. Check out these points to find out if you can claim the deceased’s provident funds. you can check SASSA SRD Status Check

Provident Funds Eligibility

  • A government employee who has retired from the job.
  • Beneficiaries of the deceased government/GEPF employ.
  • GEPF members’ or their beneficiaries’ guardians.

Causes of Unclaimed Provident Funds for Deceased

  • Provident funds are most likely not paid within 24 months if their paperwork isn’t complete or submitted to the right place.
  • They can’t claim the funds if the GEPF records don’t have enough information about the deceased spouse or other beneficiaries.
  • Another reason for unclaimed provident funds is that the members haven’t paid their taxes, so the GEPF isn’t releasing the grant to the deceased beneficiaries.
  • A few times, due to inaccurate banking information or frozen accounts, the paid benefits go back to the GEPF.

Who Can Claim Provident Funds of the Deceased

GEPF funds go to the person/people who were dependent on the deceased member. If the deceased member didn’t have dependents, the funds are automatically transferred to their beneficiaries.

However, not every dependent gets provident funds. Now you have to think about who gets the fund benefits if there are more than one dependent, right? The fund’s trustee reviews the list of dependent members and decides who will get the provident fund or pension.

How To Claim Unclaimed Provident Funds for Deceased?

Even though the pension payments and provident funds differ for those who died while in service and those who have completed their service years if you’re related to a deceased GEPF member, you can claim the payments. To claim the deceased’s unclaimed funds, follow these steps.

  • To claim the unclaimed benefits, you’ll need Z894 and the applicant’s ID if you’re a GEPF member or spouse.
  • Suppose you’re a beneficiary and want to claim the unclaimed provident funds. You’ll need the death certificate, a certified copy of the applicant’s ID, and a Z894 form with bank details.
  • To claim the unclaimed provident funds for the deceased, you’ll need a guardian letter and a certified copy of their ID if the beneficiary is a minor.

GEPF Death Benefits

The Guaranteed Benefits for Members and Pensioners (GEPF) provides funds to members and the deceased, so you don’t have to worry about finances after retirement. The spouse or orphans of GEPF members get a special grant.

The GEPF offers two types of death benefits: death while in service and death after retirement. The spouse and children of the deceased can both claim the pension or provident fund.

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