How to Withdraw Money Without SASSA Card?

In South Africa, it’s hard to survive, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. The economy is high, so basic commodities are hard to come by. There are already relief programs in South Africa from different governments and institutions.

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is one of those institutions. This agency works for the South African government.

The agency helps people with financial problems. The organization provides grants to deserving people across South Africa to make this goal a reality. These grants help needy people by giving them money.

Once a person applies for the grant, SASSA will approve it (if they’re eligible) and give them a card. They can use it to withdraw money, buy groceries, and pay restaurant bills. 

What if someone loses their SASSA card? Those who lost their SASSA cards don’t need to worry. There’s a solution to this problem. Check out the Sassa grant payout dates too.

What to Do If  I Lost My SASSA Card?

If you lose your SASSA card, call their toll-free helpline right away, and ask them to ban your card. Here’s the number: 0800 600 160. This is to make sure no one can use your SASSA card illegally. You can also file a report at your local police station. SASSA SRD Status Check

How to Request For The Replacement of SASSA Card?

We’ve got instructions below on how to get a new SASSA card.

  • You can meet SASSA’s representative at the nearest SASSA office.
  • Ask them about your card replacement.
  • Follow the instructions they provide you.
  • They will replace your old SASSA card with a new one.

What Documents Do I Need to Replace The SASSA Card?

A police report about how your SASSA card was stolen or lost is needed to replace it.

Note: The police report must be original and signed.

How Much Is It Worth Replacing My SASSA Card?

You’ll have to pay R26 for the replacement according to SASSA rules. You’ll get the fine deducted from your next payment. If your card gets damaged, the same rules apply. A technical issue with your card won’t get you fined.

How Much Time Will It Take to Replace My SASSA Card?

You can get your SASSA card in a few minutes, but what if the office is far away? If this is the case, you can withdraw money without a SASSA card. It’s just like changing your payment method.

You can change your payment method to your personal bank account. Payments will go directly to your bank account. You can switch your payment method here.

How to Change SASSA Payment Method?

There’s a way you can switch to your personal bank account. You can change your payment method by following the instructions.

  • Visit the official SRD SASSA website:
  • Scroll down until you find How do I change my banking details
  • Type your ID and phone number.
  • The SASSA will send you a secure link to the phone number you used to sign up.
  • Tap on the link.
  • Simply follow the instructions in the link to change your payment method. Your payment method just has to be a bank account.

Note: Enter your personal account number, because SASSA can’t send grants to another person’s account. Taking this step ensures payment security.

Once you change your payment method, SASSA will verify your info. After that, you’ll start getting payments directly into your bank account. You can also pay with an E-Wallet or CashSend. You can get paid through these methods without a SASSA card.

It’s temporary, and you’ll have to get your SASSA card at the nearest SASSA office as soon as possible. Also, learn how to get an R350 grant at pick-n-pay.


The article covers things like how to withdraw money without a SASSA card, how to replace SASSA cards, and more. I hope you found the answer to your questions in this article. You can talk to SASSA reps if that doesn’t work. You can get a comprehensive SASSA guide from them.

Rather than trying to withdraw money from a SASSA card, take it to your local police station or SASSA office instead.

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